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Voluntary departure for minors Form: What You Should Know

U.S., and the federal government will not attempt to collect fees for the return trip. Sep 30, 2024 — In any event, the immigration service must be fully staffed to accept applications for voluntary departure, and it is required that the  service's office of processing, for a period not to exceed 180 days, be open to the public during any two-week period. Aug 31, 2024 — If the court approves a petition for voluntary departure, the applicant will be advised whether he/she has the right to re-appeal. And, if so, what form of appeal; and, the reasons for the grant and denial of any appeal. If, at a minimum, the court grants a grant of voluntary departure,  in order for the child to stay within the U.S., there must be a bond, payment of which, and payment of subsequent costs are expected to be made. Sep 16, 2024 — When a child decides to apply for voluntary departure, the child's home country would have to be notified of his/her intent to return, and the  home country (or any person) would have 60 days to request from the U.S. a waiver, if any, in order to allow the child to apply to return from voluntary departure. Sep 23, 2024 — Once the request is received, immigration services must conduct an investigative and enforcement examination of the child's eligibility for voluntary departure. Sep 27, 2024 — The investigation must be completed prior to the child's receipt of an immigration judge's order of voluntary departure. Sep 23, 2024 — If the child is determined from the investigative and enforcement examination to be eligible for voluntary departure, he/she will be informed of  such fact and given opportunity to request a waiver from removal. Sep 30, 2024 — If a request is made, the process for granting a waiver from removal to voluntary departure must be initiated within 180 days of the child's being issued an  Order of Voluntary Departure.  Sep 30, 2024 — When a request for a hearing is received, the case has been referred to the court for review.  Dec 31, 2024 — The court may, in its discretion, delay the date of an order of voluntary departure for up to an additional 180 days. Thereafter,  if the court determines that a waiver to the removal of the person, or any person within the U.S.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Voluntary departure for minors

Instructions and Help about Voluntary departure for minors

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