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How are we going to keep children of asylum seekers out of detention? News says 40,000 will be taken this month alone. April 2019.
Iu2019m sorry, but you need to state which country you are talking about. Asylum seekers to a large extent fall under national legislation. But since the OP lives in the US, I will assume the question is about the US.Where I live, asylum seekers are not detained. It would be cruel and barbaric. They are put in cheap housing, fed, and given a very modest allowance.And if that doesnu2019t persuade you, it is also massively expensive and pointless. After all, they want asylum, so it is in their interest to stay put and wait for their application to be processed. A tiny percentage drop under the radar, but itu2019s cheaper and more efficient to search for them specifically.You should note that at the height of the European refugee crisis, the country where I live took in some 3,000 asylum seekers per dayu2014about 90,000 in a month. Weu2019ve got the population and GDP of North Carolina. If this is beyond the capability of the entire US of A, thereu2019s really no helping you.
What software can I use to convert a paragraph into flashcards automatically (no manual input to fill out flashcards)?
Anki has a cloze delete feature that allows easy conversation of text into flashcards.In general itu2019s however pays to spent the time to write good flashcard as that will reduce the time you spent reviewing a card in the future.
Why do asylum seekers start their journey from South Columbia to the United States border? Why don't they just land in the U.S.A. via a plane and fill out the asylum form?
Thanks 4 the A2A!I live in Europe and have never tried boarding a plane in Columbia but from what I know, no airline will allow you to board unless you have a US passport or a valid Visa. Also, the tickets are not really cheap and affordable for everyone. Even if you can afford them, you legally can not get on that plane.Just imagine: how great it is when you have all those freedoms! Be grateful that you have the passport that you have and do not even have to think about such trivial things. Not everyone is as lucky.People in misery, regardless if they seek refuge from Central America of Syria or elsewhere, just want to LEAVE all that behind and have the chance to live a normal life somewhere better, somewhere safe. I personally think that the voyage a refugee undertakes is as risky as the wars and problems they are trying to escape from and they should be helped instead of making their sad lives even more hard by rigid administration.Of course, nothing will get better as long as the essential problems aka reasons why they are leaving in the first place, are addressed and solved. But there are interests behind that, groups of people who live of that and they will not give up their positions easily. Almost like some sort of a viscous, endless circle. And it is always normal, u201csmall fishu201d people that suffer the most.Good luck to all of you who venture on that path!
How did you fill out the void for grandchildren when your children didn't have any?
I think i understand your question but forgive me if I miss your point. The trick is to teach your children the value of extended family. Their only frame of reference is watching you do it without the support of extended family so they can be forgiven for not getting it easily.The other thing I would offer is that you have to be careful not to offer your help, opinion or guidance until it is asked for. You have to be diligent about respecting their household rules even if you don't fully understand them. This includes housekeeping and child rearing practices.I have described the huge shift to being in an adult relationship with your children. They have to be willing to let this happen. They may have to forgive you for any perceived parenting missteps to which they may still be clinging. This may require that you ask for forgiveness for something you feel was fully justified at the time. It may take a very long time for them to be able to see things from your point of view.Good luck. I hope you find a way to be a part of their adult lives and the lives of your grandchildren.
I need to fill out a web page of radio buttons, using every combination of answers until all results are found, but don't want to do it manually. How?
If I were trying to solve this, I'd look at Seleniumu00a0 for the browser automation. Because I'm a Python guy, I'd use the Python support and would use itertools.product to generate all the combinations.
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