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Children as a particular social group Form: What You Should Know

Supreme Court of Canada, Refugee Protection Division decision (see link) PSG-based Case Decisions Particular Social Group-based Case Decisions (link and link). L'U.N. E.1589: Decision of the European Court of Justice On 20 September 2016, the European Court of Justice (ECG) stated that asylum seekers should no longer be permitted to rely on the Convention. European Court of Justice, Case Law: “If the decision concerned is based on the European Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (ECA) as interpreted by the European Union, the court finds that it is incompatible with the ECA.” — ECG, L'U.N. E.1589, Case C-1 the Convention has not been interpreted in light of the Convention's aim: to ensure that the persons it protects are allowed to settle in a safe country with freedom from persecution, including in respect of the conditions to which they are exposed — ECG, L'U.N. E. 1589, Case C-1 EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE Case Law: U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) — Decide No. 16/17, General Comment 24, L'C.J. R.1885: Decision of the L'C.J. R.1885 The L'C.J. has issued an opinion with reference to an application for political asylum by a former Communist Party activist and member of the Hungarian Workers Republic, [the party was a Communist front for communist regimes throughout Asia.] The Court held that the applicant's claim for asylum is not admissible solely on the grounds that he was persecuted while a member of the Communist Party because Article 3 of the ECHR [The Convention] states specifically that it shall not be relevant to the determination of a refugee status that a person was a member of a particular political party.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Children as a particular social group

Instructions and Help about Children as a particular social group

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