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Matter of maco 27 i&n dec 477 bia 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Fact Sheet NLG Docket NIP Aug 2023 Final.docx Fact Sheet Docket NIP Aug 2023 Final.docx Aug 22, 2023 — The BIA decided that it is best to proceed under the precast version of the IRC § 207(c) asylum statute which requires initial jurisdiction in order to See Matter of M-A-C-0-, 27 I&N. Dec. 477 (BIA 2018), this matter was transferred from the BIA, pursuant to Fed. R. CIV. P. 1. I am now ready to start my petition for asylum.  We have been told by IRC that the IJ will make a decision whether the United States will accept the asylum request.  After that, we will need to present our case to an independent review panel that is composed of an individual not connected in any way to the IJ.  I am afraid it is not clear to me whether the IJ will accept my petition for asylum or it will be placed on hold pending a review before the IJ.   As I mentioned earlier, the petition is for asylum based on persecution on account of  a) race i. This includes being a person of color (e.g., Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Arab or African [Afro-American]). ii. This also extends to persons of any ethnicity and includes those of a mixed race (and their offspring). The petition also cites the fact that “fear is likely to arise because of a) • being a person who is of African descent and being subjected to violent and dangerous behavior. • because of the ethnicity, national origin, or nationality of your ancestors who lived in Africa. · because of the ethnicity, national origin, or nationality of persons with whom you live, work, and associate. · because of the physical appearance of [your] physical presence or history, which would make [you] susceptible to threats of violence or other harassment, and which includes being threatened or subjected to physical violence based on your ethnicity, national origin, or nationality if you were to return to Africa”. The petition continues to list the specific “acts of violence” that I am being subjected to because of the fact of my being a person of Asian descent.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Matter of maco 27 i&n dec 477 bia 2023

Instructions and Help about Matter of maco 27 i&n dec 477 bia 2023

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